Terms of Service

Gochiso is an online marketplace that connects you directly to local shops selling original food products, with a portion of each purchase donated to nonprofits working towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Services offered by Gochiso’s site and mobile app (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") are administered using a platform provided by Gochiso Inc. ("Gochiso"). The Site's services are provided under the following Terms of Use Agreement ( "Agreement" ).

1.0 Application of this Agreement

This Agreement is a legal agreement between Gochiso and Members that applies to all services of the Site. By using the services of the Site, Members indicate that they have agreed to all sections of this Agreement as well as the Privacy Policy.

2.0 Terminology

  1. A “user” is a registered Member of the Site.
  2. An “applicant” is a person who wishes to become a member of this site in order to use this service.
  3. A “project” is a social or environmental activity that receives donations through the Site.
  4. An “NPO” or “nonprofit organization” is an organization that is in charge of projects on the Site, and a recipient of funds.
  5. A “Shop” is a business establishment registered on this Site that sells goods including food, such as eating and drinking establishments like restaurants and cafes.

3.0 Membership and Registration

Applicants who have completed registration, give consent to this agreement, and will receive user membership. Applicants may not register as a representative of someone else. Also, individuals under 13 years of age cannot register to this site. Those who have had their membership revoked previously or judged as unfit for Gochiso’s site, may be refused from obtaining membership.

4.0 Username and Password

Users are responsible for the management of their username and password. Gochiso is not responsible for damages resulting from theft or unauthorized use.

5.0 User Account Information

Users are responsible for the management of their account information, such as keeping information up to date. Gochiso is not responsible for damages resulting from inaccurate or out of date information.

6.0 Canceling Membership

Users may apply to cancel membership by contacting Gochiso. Once the cancellation procedures are completed, the membership is considered cancelled. Information connected to previous actions based on your account may remain on the Site.

7.0 Gochiso’s Liability Limitations

  1. Gochiso connects shops, nonprofits, and users and does not hold responsibilities for conflicts among these parties.
  2. Gochiso holds no responsibility for system downtime, data loss, damages resulting from unauthorized access to data, or other damages resulting from the use of this service. This shall not apply in the case of gross or intentional negligence on the part of Gochiso.
  3. Gochiso holds no responsibility for said information or advice provided to its users.
  4. Gochiso holds no responsibility for any damages resulting from a user violating this agreement.
  5. Gochiso holds no responsibility for the contents of its pages, shop pages, and nonprofit pages shared by this Site. However, in the case of trouble between users, Gochiso will take responsible responses in accordance with these terms.
  6. Gochiso is not liable for any damages caused by the user's inability to use this service.
  7. Gochiso does not guarantee that members will purchase products with this service and that the products will meet the wishes of the members.
  8. Gochiso is not liable for any damages resulting from product delays, inaccurate product information, or inaccurate information provided by its members.

8.0 Prohibited Acts

  1. Violating the law, this agreement, warnings from Gochiso, or any other agreements.
  2. Actions that negatively affect the physical and mental well being of others or threaten public order and standards of decency.
  3. Distributing or submitting harmful computer files or emails.
  4. Giving or sharing a username and password to a third party.
  5. Unauthorized reproduction, transmission, or distribution of all or part of provided information.
  6. Other acts that Gochiso deems inappropriate.

9.0 Handling of User Information

User information is managed by Gochiso according to Gochiso’s Privacy Policy, and members of the site have agreed to the terms of the Privacy Policy. Gochiso will use information for the purpose of improving the quality of service for its members.

10.0 Cancellation Policy

  1. Cancellations and refunds are not possible after ordering. In the case that the shop cannot accept the order, a full refund will be issued to the user’s respective credit card.
  2. For reservations, shops have an online cancellation and online reservation deadline ranging from 10 days to 2 days before the booking. Cancellations are possible online before the deadline. After the deadline, please call the shop directly to cancel or modify a reservation. Refunds for payments made through Gochiso are possible only in the case that the payment amount differs from the amount charged by the shop. Refunds are made to the user’s respective credit card.
  3. The Shop and Gochiso reserve the right to cancel the order or reservation at any time. Gochiso holds no responsibilities for any losses as a result of the cancellation.

11.0 No Show Policy

In the event that the user does not show up more than three times to his or her reservation, the account may be suspended.

12.0 Donations

  1. Donations are made per completed and processed transaction on the Gochiso platform. Gochiso is not liable for any damages caused by donations not received by NPOs such as in the case of any payment or transfer issues, incomplete transactions, or system errors.
  2. Gochiso is not responsible for the accuracy of the contents or the usage of the donations by NPOs.
  3. Donation receipts for tax deductions are issued by the donation recipients registered on Gochiso. Gochiso holds no responsibility for issuing donation receipts for tax deductions.

13.0 Modification or Removal of Content

Gochiso reserves the right to modify and or remove any content on the Site when deemed appropriate including content related to Shop accounts and NPO accounts.

14.0 Suspension of Membership

Gochiso may suspend or revoke membership for specific users if the following are judged applicable. Gochiso will not hold any responsibility for any resulting damages.

  1. Actions that violate the law or this agreement.
  2. Inappropriate or unauthorized use of the service.
  3. Issues with security and protection, including multiple incorrect password attempts.
  4. Using another member’s username and password.
  5. Publishing or distributing other member’s content without prior permission
  6. When otherwise deemed appropriate by Gochiso.

15.0 Suspension, Alteration, or Abolishment of the Service

Gochiso may suspend, alter, or abolish part or the entirety of the service at our discretion and holds no responsibility for any resulting damages, such as in the cases below.

  1. When we judge that it is necessary to suspend the service due to system maintenance, system failure, during natural disasters, or other technical or operational reasons.
  2. When we renew or change the design of this service.
  3. When our company judges that stopping or interrupting the service is necessary.

16.0 Changes to these Terms

Gochiso may revise or supplement these terms as it sees fit. Revisions or supplements to this Agreement will be considered active when their content is posted to the Site. By continuing to access or use the Site, members agree to the revised or supplemented terms.

17.0 Controlling Law and Jurisdiction

The laws of Japan govern this Agreement and any controversy or claim resulting out of or relating to this Agreement shall be settled in the Osaka District Court without regard to the member’s home state or country of residence.

Updated July 17th, 2020
Gochiso Inc.

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