Niku Baru Domo Kitahama

1-1-30 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 541-0041 Osaka prefecture

Using Gochiso, this restaurant will donate 10-20% of your bill to a social or environmental activity that you choose!

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Restaurant‎, Steakhouse, Bar

★ Our shop is an authentic flesh bar dealt with by a long-established Yakiniku restaurant! Cut the meat carefully and skillfully with skilled skills to buy whole in one head
Meat delicious to purchase with reliable eyes! Brand beef, from Tokushima prefecture 【Awa black cattle】 ♪ more than 990 yen steak is amazing ♪ There are also rare parts available.

★ Provide delicious meat in a casual sense of bals ♪ Provide value for drinks as well!
High ball shochu potato wheat sour red wine white wine is what a 199 yen!

★ Charged banquet warm welcome!
It is OK for party, banquet and wedding party second party for up to 45 people
Drinking and drinking party fee course is 4,000 yen ~

If you have any special requests or food concerns such as allergies, contact the restaurant at 0647070029.




1-1-30 Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi 541-0041 Osaka prefecture