2F 230-1 Nabeyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture

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Bar/Lounge‎, Elegant‎ ‎, Intimate‎

A beautifully renovated machiya, now an elegant cafe and restaurant bar. Revel in the nature in the design and enjoy the stunning atmosphere of the Kamogawa River over drinks or dinner.

If you have any special requests or food concerns such as allergies, contact the restaurant at 0752568668.



Flo rian , 2019 August 29th (Mon)

We had just something to drink... The personal was nice and helpful but then the drinks were just bad: The drinks tasted watery and they used to little liquor. Then there is also a charge of 500 ¥ just for sitting down. The drinks are also grossly overpriced for what you get... As I‘ve see in other reviews its not the food that needs improvement (i cant say since i haven‘t tried it) but the drinks need some improvement... I‘d say adjust the prices and give the bartenders something better to work with...

Ethan Cotton , 2019 December 6th (Wed)

The best. Perfect cup of coffee

Paul Cunha , 2019 October 30th (Mon)

Reasonably fresh food and tasy but wagyu beef was hugely disappointing. Tiny portions and ridiculously expensive.

Trent Eddy , 2019 March 20th (Wed)

Very nice to sit in the afternoon and watch the river go by, with a glass of red and a cheese plate. Friendly and quiet. They also have a broader menu and I'm sure are less quiet in evenings, but this is when I like it


2F 230-1 Nabeyacho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture