cocowell cafe

Kitahorie 1-13-21 1F, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0014

Using Gochiso, this restaurant will donate 10-20% of your bill to a social or environmental activity that you choose!

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Healthy coconut café using plenty of high quality coconut raw materials We used high quality coconut raw materials for luxury, which can be achieved only by coconut specialty stores that directly import coconut raw materials from the Philippines.

By using coconut oil and coconut fiber, it reduces sugar compared to normal cooking, and all sugars used for sweets etc. also use low GI coconut sugar.

We focus on natural cultivation and organic ingredients as much as possible, such as vegetables and meat, and provide a healthy menu that harmonizes coconuts and ingredients well.

If you have any special requests or food concerns such as allergies, contact the restaurant at 0665315572.



Bunny Wong , 2019 December 24th (Sun)

This restaurant is one of the best in this area. I tried once last year during my trip in Osaka, and this year I come again ! The food is healthy and delicious ! It’s worthy to come to here again! They got many coconut related products like foods and amenities, the coconut lip stick is nice to have!

Manon S , 2019 June 2nd (Thu)

2 gluten-free options on the menu. I had the veggie quiche and it was really good. They do understand what gluten-free means and they are really lovely. The place is nice. Totally feels like a healthy place. My stomach felt perfect after eating there.

Apol , 2019 May 10th (Wed)

Great quality products, friendly staff, great smell of coconuts. Cafe menu looks delicious but I haven’t had the opportunity to try it. Next time... 10% from items purchased is given back to farmers in the Philippines. Highly recommended.

Sophie Roubin , 2018 May 5th (Thu)



Kitahorie 1-13-21 1F, Nishi-ku, Osaka 550-0014