Bistro New Orleans

1-15-10 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0014

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Restaurant‎, Casual‎, Southern/Soul Food, Cajun/Creole‎, Ethnic Food‎, Bistro

Bistro New Orleans is a casual dining establishment serving traditional New Orleans celebratory food. The dishes offered here are served in homes and neighborhood restaurants all over the "Crescent City".
*Lunch by special appointment

If you have any special requests or food concerns such as allergies, contact the restaurant at 0665437071.

Check in through Gochiso and up to 20% of your dinner bill will fund a social or environmental project!

For check-ins from 19:30 - 20:00

Donate 10%!

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How to Support a Project

1. Make an online reservation by clicking "Reserve" or click the "Check In" button when you are at the restaurant.

2. After payment, take a photo of your receipt and add it to your reservation or check-in record.

3. When your receipt is verified (usually within 3 days), the project that you have selected will receive your donation or you will have the opportunity to select a project to support.



加藤清久 , 2019 August 10th (Wed)

店内にはいるとオーナーさんのCC(シィシィ)さんが明るく出迎えてくれます。店内の言語はほぼ英語のみで、英語の勉強にはいいかも笑 おススメ料理は迷いなくガンボ(写真の料理です)!「命のスープ」と呼ばれるくらい美味で、アジア系と南米系のスパイスが融合した奥深いシーフードの旨味が凝縮されたスープです!料理全体に多少のスパイスが効いているのと多めの油を使用しているっぽいので、お腹の弱い人はお気をつけ下さい。

家田在穂 , 2017 August 17th (Mon)

異文化体験ができます。 カクテルがおいしかったです。

improve inc , 2017 February 11th (Wed)


Darby Brooks , 2019 October 3rd (Tue)

As soon as you walk in, you are hit with the most amazing smell. It literally stopped me in my tracks. The atmosphere is perfect. Decorated with cute and personal items around the bar, but the dining room is more sparse, in my opinion the perfect balance. The owner CC sat us and welcomed us with some friendly chatting. I had the shrimp and grits. I asked for a little more spice, and they obliged perfectly. I was genuinely sad when I had finished the plate. They offer a full and half size, I’m really glad I got the full. They also have a decent drink menu, and I quite enjoyed the tequila sunrise he made me. I wish I lived in Osaka just so I could make this a more frequent stop. Absolutely delicious, great music, friendly staff, nothing negative to report at all.


1-15-10 Kitahorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka 550-0014