〒542-0081 Osaka-shi Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Minamisenba 4 - chome 10 - 21

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Izakaya, Intimate‎, Healthy‎, Lunch, Japanese, Natural

Japanese homecooking style nutritional lunch sets with healthy rice. A 5-minute walk from the Yotsubashi station and Shinsaibashi station.

If you have any special requests or food concerns such as allergies, contact the restaurant at 07017421139.

Check in through Gochiso and up to 20% of your dinner bill will fund a social or environmental project!

Sorry no donations are offered at this moment.

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How to Support a Project

1. Make an online reservation by clicking "Reserve" or click the "Check In" button when you are at the restaurant.

2. After payment, take a photo of your receipt and add it to your reservation or check-in record.

3. When your receipt is verified (usually within 3 days), the project that you have selected will receive your donation or you will have the opportunity to select a project to support.




〒542-0081 Osaka-shi Osaka-shi Chuo-ku Minamisenba 4 - chome 10 - 21