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Borneo's forest is a treasure trove of biodiversity where endangered animals and plants such as orangutans live. We plant and rehabilitate forests lost by large-scale plantation and mining development and the accompanying fire together with local village people.

Much of the forest, which was unexplored jungle, has now been cut down to create large-scale farms and mines, and has been lost rapidly due to large forest fires.
The animals lost their homes and the lives of the villagers who lived in harmony with nature changed completely. Many of the local people have started to work in illegal logging, gold mining, or large plantations for income to survive.

However, some villagers "wish to live while replanting forests like the old days" and decided to start planting native species and trees to regenerate the original jungle.
In villages where the forest was destroyed, young people are embracing reforestation as a new work. Please support this exciting movement together!


Yuichiro Ishizaki

Born in 1980, raised in Osaka.
When Ishi was in elementary school, he saw on the news that a forest the size of a soccer field can disappear in one second. He became interested in environmental issues and international cooperation. At the university, he participated in an international NGO circle involved with housing for the poor and volunteered in the Philippines building houses.
In 2008 he went to Borneo and met NGOs and villagers working with forest regeneration. In 2012 he participated in the Earth Summit · Rio + 20 and listened to the voices of indigenous peoples and youth. We need to stop the tropical forest destruction, a treasure trove of biodiversity, and regenerate forests and think about and do what we can do to review how our consumer lifestyle affects life in tropical forests.


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We are a group of citizens that wishes to protect the forest. We work together with domestic and foreign NGOs and local villagers in Borneo to protect the rich tropical forests of Borneo Island, the various living creatures there such as orangutans, and also the lives of indigenous peoples living there. We have been promoting activities in Japan through consumer of goods as well, for over 25 years.