Provide School Materials for Children In India!

Niranjana Sewasanga

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This project supports the book fees for one child going to school. Currently they receive used textbooks that are often tattered and outdated. Your donation will be used to replace old materials with new and current textbooks. 400 children attend our school. One class has 40 students. We are renewing the books one class at a time.


Hideaki Muramatsu

NPO corporation Niranja Nasewa Sangha
Chairman Hideaki Muramatsu

Born in 1950, he is from Shiga Prefecture. After retiring from work he participated in a study tour offered by Niranjana. As soon as he returned home, he started activities as a staff member. He realized he could not help anyone by just looking at the local situation. After serving as secretary general, he became the representative last year.





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Our NPO, Niranja Nasseva Sangha, was founded in 2003 in order to support the people living in Bihar province in North India.

In order to solve the poverty of the villages around Bodhgaya, we believe that education is vital for children who are the future of the villages. We provide school education, orphanages, clinics, and other services free of charge with the donations we receive.