Plant a tree and helps stop dessertification!

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1-14-1 Soyama cho Kita-ku, Kobe City

1 tree = 300 yen

Every year, an area the size of ​​8 prefectures of Kyushu and 4 prefectures of Shikoku combined (about 6,000 Km²) is dessertified. And in China, an area roughly the size of Tokyo (2,460 Km²) is dessertified every year. This project increases the number of trees on the earth as much as possible by bringing together people across borders, ages and genders to deliver a green and hopeful earth to future children. We are doing activities to protect as many natural forests as possible, and to increase environmental awareness . How can we ensure an earth with higher amounts of rain for future children? One of the answers was afforestation. When you plant a tree, it will make a cloud and it will rain. In 2005, we held our first planting tour in Inner Mongolia. By 2018, we've had 3,311 volunteers plant 518,378 trees. Every year, we aim to increase 5000 trees in the desert. 1/5 the size of Tokyo Dome. Together let's make a Gochiso Forest with 500 trees a year!

Current Amount

¥2054 (7 trees)

Target Amount

¥150000 (500 trees)




Using Gochiso, you can donate 10~20% of your restaurant bills to this project!

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SDGs Theme


Project Description

It is used for activities that increase the green on the earth and activities that lead to someone's courage such as individual challenge, and to smile all over the world including disaster support.


谷口 たもつ


Environment‎ and Conservation


International‎, Children‎, Youth, Sports‎, Nature, Humanitarian‎, Relief‎, Diversity

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Afforestation / thinning project "WONDERFUL WORLD planting FESTIVAL"
In order to deliver the "earth" full of "green" and "hope" to the children of the future, the borders, age, gender and transcend are exceeding, everyone practices afforestation and forest care together.

Challenge project "TEAM A ☆ H ☆ O"
Someone's challenge leads to someone's courage. Someone's challenge leads to someone's happiness. I will continue my new challenge to convey the importance of taking a small step to make a chance, not whether I can or can not.

Impressive Sharing Project "Great Operation of Amigo"
To cherish the connection and to think that it is difficult for one person alone, we helped each other to support each other and to increase the smile together, we created a chance to make everyone happy. Kumamoto Disaster Assistance (JAPAN group) · Hong Kong Beach Cleanup · Mount Fuji.

* When an emergency occurs due to a natural disaster, etc., emergency support unit "Megumi JAPAN" will be established as necessary to carry out emergency support and reconstruction support activities

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