Satoyama club

〒 580 - 00112 Osaka Prefecture Matsubara City Section 1 - chome 6 - 3 (group location)

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Using Gochiso, you can donate 10~20% of your restaurant bills to this project!

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Project Description

We will utilize it for purchasing equipment and consumables for satoyama preservation activities, event holding fee, transportation expenses, personnel expenses etc.


Environment‎ and Conservation


Nature, Energy, Club, Local

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■ Purpose of the organization
The Society conducts business related to conservation and management of satoyama, environmental education about satoyama, training of those human resources, creating a recycling system of satoyama, etc., to create new values in the deserted satoyama and to create new values It aims to create new relationships, thereby contributing to the promotion of society as a whole (from the articles of incorporation).

■ Activities
· Conservation management project of satoyama forest
· Environmental education project
· Human Resource Development Project
· Satoyama's circulation system making business
· Contracted business related to the above
· Donation recruitment project

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