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Naoyuki Kawahara

In 2002, Mr. Kawahara was assigned to Sudan as an embassy medical officer. However, due to the civil war at that time, the Japanese government stopped assistance to Sudan. Even though patients were suffering before them, they medics could not save them.
Kawahara resigned from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and started Rocinantes to assist the people of Sudan medically.

The people of Sudan live brightly despite hardship and are always kind to others. In addition to this wealth of human nature, they are blessed with the natural resource of the Nile River. In other words, Sudan has the potential to develop as a great nation as long as the political situation stabilizes. We at Rocinantes continue our work in Sudan and value this relationship.


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About Rocinantes

No hospitals. No doctors. There are still harsh realities in developing countries. Rocinantes delivers medical care to people living in such areas. We visit villages without medical facilities, create clinics in cooperation with countries and regions, develop comprehensive health projects such as water supply facilities, school construction, and nutrition improvement. We are creating a system that allows people to continue medical care.
So far, this system has been developed mainly in Sudan, and we are supporting the people of Sudan to make their medical care their own.


Save as many lives as possible by developing a system where medical care can be delivered to areas where the necessary health care cannot be received due to reasons such as the lack of a hospital. Create an environment where everyone can live healthy lives.


A world in which people can advocate for their own medical care.


・ Help people in need before your eyes
・ We value family bonds and local harmony
・ One for all, and all for one