Osaka Mecha Happy Matsuri (NPO OHP)

2-7-22 Katacho Tojima Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 534-0025

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Approximately 3,000 children participating in the festival carefully use it to create a festival where you can experience the emotional scene. 【Venue setting fee, security fee etc】






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"Youth health development through dancing" ---
The keywords of our activities are two large. "Emotion" and "Sociality" ---

Announcements in front of many spectators and in public places call for great tension, a sense of accomplishment, and impression, and the experience is an irreplaceable mement that the children can never forget.

Through dancing, children learn the relationship between individuals and groups, so-called sociality. Experience not only dancing, such as cooperativeness and appreciation for people, but also what is needed in society.

Please acknowledge our philosophy by all means.