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Project Description

Create the place where the voice of youth for the government!
Operating "Voters Bar" where meeting with youth and local councilors interactively.

The young people think "all politicians don't want to hear about our opinions".
The politicians think that "the youth don't interest in politics, also they are not going to vote".
There are misunderstanding each other between two.
Therefore, we are creating the spaces to speak and exchange their opinions between youth and politician in nationwide.
With interactive discussion, the new connection is generated in the local city as opportunities for politicians to receive the voice of the young generation.
Until today, we had held "Voters Bar" 35 times, with 784 participants, and 147 local councilors.
To give opportunities for youth to think about politics, called "delivery service classes".
Japanese youth don't think about politics and local government usually. We make time to think and discuss politics between friends regularly. The youth just did not have any chance to interest in politics. If there are opportunities to think about their future, their action is also changed.

Up to today, we are having delivery service class at 68 places like junior high, high school, college, and public hall with round 12,000 people.




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Our mission
Now, Japan is high aging society and declining birthrate. We think that whole society of Japan have to aware that "We will make Japan together with the power of the young generation".
To do so, it is necessary to increase opportunities for the youth to feel themselves in politics and local towns and create opportunities for their voice to reach political discussion.
"Connect youth and politics".
This is our mission.

Our activities
Youth Create, we are planning and managing various projects to connect the youth and politics.
-Delivery service class- Education programs which aim to educate about the right to vote.
-Voters Bar- Dialogue events between the youth and politician.
-Youth Think- Events that provide opportunities to think about our future together with, the youth, bureaucrats and administrative staff.
-Connects politics and child rearing- To raise interests in politics through child rearing.
-WASAO(Youth's participating in the city of Okayama)-To provide places to think about politics for local youth from Okayama prefecture.
-Original programs- Other various programs to promote political participation of young people.
-Corporation programs-Other original programs working with the corporation and other organizations.
-Government programs-Other related programs working with a school, local governments, and ministries.

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