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President Court 3C 2-14-22 Yamamoto Dori, Chuo Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture 658-0003

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Farmhouse Restoration Project in Ozo(空き家再生・江戸プロジェクト)

1. Food sufficiency rate in Japan is very low 39% (among the lowest in developed nations)
2. Many rural farms are abandoned
3. Children have few opportunities to experience nature.

We are renovating an abandoned house in Ozo, Kita-ku, Kobe and bringing it to life as a space to learn about food and the environment. With a collapsing roof it is currently unable to be used as-is. In addition to repairs we will add an open kitchen and toilets for a better learning environment.


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Peace & Nature works with programs revolving around environmental issues, including conservation, and a range of issues affecting food and farming. We also works towards educating children as children have few opportunities to experience nature. We aim to create environmentally and socially conscious people, schools, corporations, and materials through our activities. Peace & Nature has a strong international network and includes several non-Japanese members.

We have a yearly schedule activities and events including rice planting , mountain activity, summer camp, harvest, Christmas party.
We believe it's important to learn in the nature and we will start a new program under 3 theme from 2017. 1. Food & Farming, 2. Environment, 3. Human Development
①Vegetable Gardening for Beginners (10 classes)
②Retreat program in OZO (Yoga, Zazen, Healthy cooking, Meditation, etc)
③Cooking Japanese traditional food using our organic soy beans to Miso, Koji, etc with local moms's cooperation!