Give a boxed meal to a homeless person!


1-8-11 Toyosaki, Kita-ku, Osaka

Using Gochiso, 5% of your orders will be donated to this nonprofit!

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Project Description

Give a Boxed Meal to a Homeless Person in Need

Cost: ¥150
Target: 160 meals by end of July

Donations will provide lunch boxes for homeless people in Kita Ward, Osaka City. This activity is held with volunteers 16 times a year to provide these lunch boxes at nighttime. The lunches are considered nutritional balanced and is made mainly of vegetables for the homeless who risk nutrition deficiency.


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Website & Social

Homedoor aims to create a social structure for Japan that does not lead to conditions for homelessness, through its daily life and employment support programs.

For employment support, we operate a cycle sharing business called HUBchari around Osaka city which makes use of special bicycle repair skills.

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