Provide Career & Educational Counselling for Truant and Non-Traditional Students

D×P(Dream times Possibility)

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Project Description

In Japan, there are many students who graduate high school without going on to higher education or getting a job. NPO D × P's "Live Labo" program cooperates with truant and non-traditional students attending part-time high schools, and correspondence courses to offer career and education counseling. They open pop-up consultation rooms in schools and by using LINE @. We help individual students meet their future goals by not limiting them to conventional employment.

Consultation examples:

"I have an illness, but I want to do an IT-related job that can be done even without much experience."

"I want to study programming."

"I want to go to a vocational school and study, but I have no money. I'm wondering if I get a job, or do a part-time job while studying alone ..."

We support students uneasy about their future and help them find their way.


Noriaki Imai

Noriaki Imai Profile

Director of certified NPO corporation D × P (Deep).

Noriaki Imai was born in Sapporo in 1985. He graduated from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU). As a high school student he established a medical support NGO for Iraqi children. He traveled to Iraq, which was a conflict area at that time, for the NGO activities. During his time in Iraq he was detained as a hostage by the local armed forces, and was shunned from Japanese society after returning home. As a result of this trauma this trauma he developed social anxiety. After entering university, he felt comfortable to return to society with the support of his friends.

Noriaki learned from a correspondence high school teacher the problems that students taking correspondence courses have. They go through many things including rejection from parents and teachers in traditional public and private schools. Some of them have been bullied. After working in a specialized trading company in Osaka, Noriaki established the NPO Dreams × Possibility (DxP) in 2012. With the aim of "a society where every young person can have hope for his own future", he creates offline and online support communities for once truant youth that have difficulty with correspondence and part-time high schools.




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Website & Social

NPO DxP (Dreams x Possibility) supports truant youth and those attending non-traditional school systems such as correspondence schools and part-time high school.

We help youth develop their “social capital" (people skills) and give them experiences where they can fee la sense of achievement. Many students have experienced stress or trauma, bullying, financial difficulties or illness that affects their abilities when job hunting and applying for college.

DxPs programs:

・"Future Lab" - an online salon where students can learn about fundraising and how to start a business.

・Career Counseling Room "Live Lab" in the school. We conducted 72 career counseling sessions for 25 students. The employment rate increased by 13% after the school introduced "Live Lab".

・ Class "Crescendo" which makes connections. Helped 616 students of 15 high school students attending correspondence / part-time schools.

・ "Igokochi Cafe"
Held at part-time high schools. 105 (70%) of the 150 students in all schools participate. There are 44 repeaters (29%)

In addition, we established SOLIO Co., Ltd. as a NPO support company in November 2018, and are developing NPO support in various fields.