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Provide a marathon bib for disabled and escort runners!

Cost: ¥1,700
Target: 10 people
By: end of July

Your donation will cover purchasing expenses for bibs worn at practice sessions and marathon competition. Bibs allow the pairs to identify each other clearly.

We are supporting to participate marathon by matching escort runners with various disabled runners. Especially, we are providing footpeg wheelchair to people who have the handicap in physically, and they feel "the wind" by their own feet.
Footpeg wheelchair is wheelchair which has a pedal, and it is moving forward by pushing the pedal. If you can move either right foot or left foot any bit, you can move it. Many people are impressed that "my feet are moving!"
For people those who with intellectual disabilities, our program is a place to know "rules of society" and as a part of supporting independence by participating social activities.

We are practicing Takarazuka and Osaka, and attending 6~10 competition per year.
Also, we are organizing events such as Christmas lunch, BBQ, and making Udon events to make the exchange with escort runners, volunteers, disabled runners, and families.
There are various disabled participants, who are 3 to 82 years old, but we are working hard toward the goal together with everyone's hearts. Through operating "Pokkapoka workshops" to understand various handicaps in 3 times per year, it benefits to raise escort runners and local community contribution.