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There is generally no standardized school meal system in the Philippines. In poorer communities many children go to school without breakfast or even without lunch. This affects health and concentration during the school day. Some 6 year-old children we work with used to cry in the morning due to hunger. Walking more than 30 minutes on an empty stomach was too tough.

It is a reality that many parents cannot afford to prepare breakfast or lunch for their children. More than 700,000 children in the Philippines do not attend school for financial reasons. We have focused on helping about 500 children in the Philippines. A delicious meal with meat and vegetables is a great motivator for children to go to school. They barely eat chicken in their home, so they are really happy when they are served fried chicken with some vegetables!


Noda Sayo

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Sayo Noda

Sayo was born in 1980 and is from Mie Prefecture. After seeing a film when she was in high school, she started thinking of international cooperation as a job. She went on to college in Kyoto and participated in a study abroad program, learning about international cooperation and performing in a rock band. She started volunteering for ACCESS in her fourth year of university and went to the Philippines. That experience inspired her to make the "solution of poverty problem" a life work, after two years she went full time at ACCESS. "My dream is to make poverty a thing of the past."




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In the Philippines, three out of ten children do not graduate from elementary school. ACCESS is an international NGO based in Kyoto, which provides education for children and work for women in the Philippines. ACCESS does the following:

★ Scholarship program for over 200 students
★ Operation of two kindergartens, with approximately 70 children
★ Prevention of juvenile delinquency and leadership development for about 70 people
★ Hold children's human rights seminars and create children-friendly communities
★ Fair Trade Business - providing opportunities for work for women and young people (around 10 people) / Production and sales of coconut shell products and greeting cards
★ Study tours for students or adults to areas of poverty to learn about the social and economic conditions of the area. The tour accepts about 70 students per year. about 70 people per year)
★ Quarterly Events and other activities related to the Philippines