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The donations will be used as expenses for supporting the growth of orchestra by local children in developing Asian countries.


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Worldship is delivering the first orchestra experience to children in developing Asian countries. In many Asian countries, children are not given the opportunities to get arts and emotional education. By delivering live music, as many children are interested in music and create to receive music education.
The idea of systematizing music education is organized by El Sistema which is the national system of youth and children's orchestras and choirs of Venezuela. The collective practice of music helps to children and youngsters to achieve their full potential and acquire values that favor their growth and have a positive impact on their lives in society.

Worldship Orchestra hosted by the worldship has been conducting activities to deliver "the first live orchestra experience" including educational contents to children who have never listened to live orchestra performances before. Currently, we have conducted more than 40 performances in 8 projects a year in the four countries, Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand and has delivered orchestra performances to over 50,000 children so far. Also, during the project, we create places for international exchange and mutual understanding between Japanese and overseas musicians by having concerts with local orchestra.

We also conduct "Overseas Youth Orchestra Growth Support Activities". Even in Asia, music education is starting to spreading, but local music educational organizations are still facing lots of challenges such as lack of music directors, instruments, methods, management, which are easy to get if you are in Japan. In order to provide good education through the orchestra for children, we are supporting the growth of local orchestra in Asia.