Help Provide Care for Disaster Relief and Therapy Dogs

Japan Rescue

2-2-13 Shimogawara, Itami, Hyogo Prefecture 664-0832

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Our rescue dogs receive special training and search for survivors trapped under collapsed houses in disaster areas. Our therapy dogs relieve mental discomfort and anxiety of their companions.
It costs approximately ¥300,000 per year to foster food and shelter for one disaster relief dog. It costs ¥500 for food for one dog per day. Your donation will go towards feeding a rescue dog or therapy dog.


Masako Imai

Ms. Imai became aware of the Japan Rescue Association when she saw volunteers collecting donations on the street in Kobe. She became a volunteer herself and joined Japan Rescue in January of 2015.

With the frequent occurrence of disasters in Japan, the need for dispatching rescue dogs and therapy dogs has increased. It is necessary to constantly foster the next generation of dogs. When disasters occur, we must promptly dispatch animal support and supplies to affected areas. We are almost fully funded through donations and rely on the generous support of those like yourself to continue.


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Our philosophy is "Contributing to society with dogs". Our dogs are "Disaster Rescue Dogs" dedicated to relief efforts and finding people in collapsed houses, earth and sand when disaster occurs.

We train and dispatch "Therapy Dogs" which help alleviate pain and anxiety for their companions.

We also rescue dogs and cats hurt by humans for selfish reasons such as abuse and abandonment after breeding and work towards their adoption into warm and loving homes.