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Gojo Dazaifu City Fukuoka Prefecture 818-0125 2-6-1-202

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We will use it for public benefit activities such as disaster area support, child rearing support, care for patients of palliative care hospitals and hospices.



Human Services‎


Children‎, Humanitarian‎, Elderly‎, Health, Medical‎, Women‎, Association, School, Welfare, Tax Deductible Donation

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Based on the association philosophy of "dignity and happiness to all people", we mainly engage in the following businesses through mental and physical care "Therapeutic Care" invented by the UK Red Cross.

· Volunteer activities: volunteers visit 87 hospitals (care wards), hospices, welfare facilities, etc. in 18 prefectures nationwide, deliver therapeutic care.
· Human Resource Development: We provide volunteer training and career improvement for nursing, nursing care and nursing professionals through courses, workshops, culture, correspondence education, vocational school classes, etc.
· Dissemination · Enlightenment: Lectures · Seminars · Welfare experience classes at elementary and junior high schools, child rearing support workshops, we strive to disseminate care to all scenes of death and illness.
· Disaster area support: We visited the afflicted areas of Fukuoka West off the coast, the eastern Japan great earthquake, the Kumamoto earthquake, the northern Kyushu torrential rain disaster in total 19 times, and we conducted care of the victims' hearts.

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