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We will utilize it for greening cooperation activities in the Loess Plateau of China.
The Green Earth Network (GEN) is currently cooperating in greening, located in Zhangjiagou City, Hebei Province, China, located near the eastern end of Loess Plateau. It is the forefront of desertification that sets in Beijing, it is also the mouth of the wind sand. We plant pines, apricots, willow, elm, hazelnut, alder, cassavarous, etc. in this area, leading to environmental improvement and rural economic development.
Saplings vary depending on the type and size, but about 1 150 yen to several hundred yen per one. In addition, we will utilize it for labor and administrative expenses.


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With the cooperation of the people across the border for the global environment, in 1992, we began greening cooperation in the Loess Plateau of Datong City, Shanxi Province, China. Continue to cooperate to recover artificially destroyed forests in the long history, Daejeon planted approximately 18.9 million trees in the area of ​​nearly 6000 hectares in 25 years until FY 2016. "Nanten Gate Natural Botanical Garden" (assigned to the local government) aiming for a diversified forest regeneration model is a proud project.
Since around 2000, China also began to focus on greening, Daido's greening proceeded astonishingly and newly planted places were no longer found, so we began cooperating newly in the adjacent city of Zhangjiagou, Ulsan in Hebei Province since 2016. We will also try to restore vegetation of wetland here.
In Japan, in addition to publishing the bulletin "Green Earth" (bi-monthly publication), we hold "Association with Nature" to learn about familiar nature and plants, study sessions, lecture meetings and so on.

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