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Ikuno Gakuen


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Ikuno Gakuen provides supportive services for survivors of domestic violence and other abuses. There are laws and services for survivors of spousal abuse, child abuse, elder abuse, and abuse of people with disabilities, but isolated people who fall into the cracks between the laws can access Ikuno Gakuen through the hotline. For example, LGBT and male survivors, child abuse survivors who get cut out of the law on their 18th birthday, elders who don’t want to seek shelter in an old folks home, survivors with older children who want to go to the same shelter, people living with the aftereffects of trauma, etc.


Yukita Juri

Director Yukita Juri

Born in Aomori. Registered as a lawyer in 1990.
Advocates extensively for the rights of children, migrants, and women.
Since studying in England from 1996 to 1998 has specialized in cases of violence against women, including domestic and sexual violence, sexual harassment, etc.
Vice-director of Ikuno Gakuen since 2004, and director since 2017.
Also active with SACHICO (Sexual Assault Crisis Healing Intervention Centre Osaka) and Human Rights Now.
Co-translated into Japanese the UN Handbook for Legislation on Violence Against Women.
Co-authored books on child support payment/ ending poverty in single mother households, and sexual violence & criminal law.


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Ikuno Gakuen was originally a facility for women run by the Osaka government under the anti-prostitution law. It was reborn in 1998 as an NGO shelter after being closed down by the government, and registered as a Certified NPO in 2016. Gakuen provides supportive services for survivors of domestic violence and other abuses, including a hotline, shelter, longer-term step-up house, a day centre for trauma recovery, and community education/advocacy programs. Between the hotline, shelter, and day centre, we can provide support for over 150 survivors a month.