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Supporting through poor mountain villagers in the Philippines through fair trade (providing materials and tools, children's clothes, providing mother's lunch)

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It is Kyoto 's international cooperation NGO who supports the lives of mountain villagers in the Philippines through hand - made everyday goods making (Fair Trade).
In the poor mountain village Marinao village in the Philippines, we took fibers from the tree trunk called abaca, mothers made hand-knitted daily necessities and supplemented a small amount of agricultural income. Not only did a huge typhoon attack the village, destroying the houses, but the Abaka tree used for the material of the hand-knitted product collapsed almost and lost the job of the living.
· Afforestation to revive the Abaka tree used as a material for hand-knitted products
· Provision of scissors and hammers used for tools for handling Abaka's fibers and hand-knitting
· Offering lamps and vinyl sheets to illuminate the dwelling of workers at home
· Offering children's clothing and shoes
· Offering gathering lunch for mothers making hand-knitted goods


Fair Trade


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Support through poor people in developing countries (fair trade) and making things for people with disabilities. Through our activities, we are working to solve the problems of poor people and to attach them to a work that is motivated and rewarding.
With the cooperation of professional designers, we develop fair trade products that many people buy in Japan, sell mainly in Kyoto, and we support various lives of the people of the village in the Philippines in various forms.