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The main themes of this activity are: (1) Economic partnership agreements such as TPP, (2) privatization and re-publicization of water supply, (3) food and agriculture, (4) neoliberal policy that is taking place in Osaka,

Many of these are difficult, but it has a big influence on our lives.
· Information on easy-to-understand SNS and leaflets
· Activities seeking information disclosure and citizen participation by the government for citizens to understand correctly
· Introduction of overseas information


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It is an organization that aims at the shadow of excessive globalization and is making policy recommendations, aiming for a rich and sustainable society that balances people with the region and nature.

AM Net is an NGO (non-government organization) that conducts research, research, policy proposal activities on the liberalization of trade and investment aimed at WTO (World Trade Organization) and others. It is one of the few non-governmental organizations in Japan that is focusing on the shadow of economic globalization.
We emphasize on-site feeling, participate in conferences of NGOs held all over the world, and actively create networks. If we say policy advice, it sounds difficult, but we are aiming for policy recommendations that everyone can do.

Today, the global economic trend continues to shift towards liberalization, "economic globalization" is steadily progressing. Liberalization is promoted not only in things but in all service sectors, and it is said that 'economy will develop' if liberalization progresses. There are WTO (World Trade Organization) and FTA (Free Trade Agreement), etc., to promote the globalization of that economy.

However, globalization and liberalization of the excess economy have led to deterioration of the working environment, negative environmental impacts, disparities in the North and North Korea, and inequality in rich and poor in each country. Trade rules are being prioritized over rules agreed upon in multilateral environmental agreements (such as the Kyoto Protocol) and ILO (International Labor Organization).

Then, if WTO and FTA are gone, will the problem be solved? It is not, some rules are necessary to do trade. It's not just about having a rule, its content and how to decide it is very important. What we are hoping for is not the world of weak meals that free economic activities bring, but the environment and human rights are protected, fair and harmonious relations and the development of sustainable society.
AM net is conducting research, information gathering on how liberalization of trade and investment affects our lives, labor, human rights and the natural environment of global citizens. And by doing advocacy (policy advocacy / public opinion arousal) based on them, we aim for a sustainable society.