Borneo Conservation Trust

1-25-8 2F Higashi Shinagawa, Shinagawa Ward, Tokyo Prefecture 140-0002

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¥ 100



Using Gochiso, you can donate 10~20% of your restaurant bills to this project!

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Project Description

Use overseas: We will use it as a support for local activity for acquiring tropical rainforests and conserving wild animals

Utilization in Japan: We will use it for activities to convey the importance of biodiversity preservation, such as lecture meetings, holding seminars, exhibiting event booths, etc.


Environment‎ and Conservation


Nature, International‎, NGO‎, Animal‎, Diversity, Tax Deductible Donation

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Protect Borneo's rainforest and conserve biodiversity. To solve the problem that dislikes the relationship between animals and people. To communicate the importance of connecting life and the way of society connecting life. Our mission is to create such a society and connect a sustainable environment to the future.

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