Provide Meals for Hospitalized Children in Myanmar!

AMDA Multisectoral & Integrated Development Services

4-5, Banzancho, Kita-ku, Okayama city 700-0818, JAPAN

One meal for 2 children = ¥ 100

We support hospitalized children in central Myanmar at Meiktira General Hospital. Your gift will be used to provide meals to children being hospitalized. 100 JPY can provide a meal to two children.

Current Amount

¥1023 (10 Meals)

Target Amount

¥10000 (100 Meals)




Using Gochiso, you can donate 10~20% of your restaurant bills to this project!

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Project Description

Your donation to AMDA-MINDS will be used in providing nutritious meals for hospitalized children at Meiktila General Hospital in Myanmar.

Your 100 JPY donation enables us to provide a meal for 2 hospitalized children.


Toshio Shirahata

Mr. Shirahata was born in Osaka Prefecture, raised in Tokyo, and is now 51 years old living in Okayama Prefecture. When he was a student he was devoted to interpreting and social welfare activities after entering a sign language circle. After university at the height of the bubble, in lieu of working he went on to graduate school. Afterwards he got a job at an NGO, and has been there for 27 years. In Bangladesh and Nepal, he has been with the family for eight and a half years in total.


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AMDA-MINDS, a non-governmental organization, serves the rural communities as well as urban slums where people wish to improve their health and living conditions. Their slogan is “Today’s Family Life with Hope for a Better Tomorrow”

AMDA-MINDS currently implements projects in Asia (Myanmar, Nepal), Central America (Honduras, Guatemala), and Africa (Sierra Leone, Niger) as well as international educational programs in Japan.

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