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7F Seika Bldg. 2-12-14 Kandaogawamachi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo Prefecture 101-0052

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In order to maintain full independence from any political concerns and economic interests, we do not accept any funding from neither a government nor a private company. Therefore, donations from individuals are our main financial resources.

Your donation to Amnesty will be used in various activities to improve human rights abuses all around the world. For example, your donation can help protect lives of refugees and immigrants, save people suffering from torture, and support people who fight against unjust discrimination.


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Amnesty International (AI) is the largest international human rights NGO. It started in London in 1961, and AI Japan was established in 1970. Our goal is to create the world where everyone can enjoy their human rights. AI was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for its contribution in 1977. More than 7 million people all over the world are involved in our activities to achieve our goals.

In order to realize the world where all the human rights are respected, Amnesty International conducts original researches into human rights violations worldwide, lobbies government, and campaigns to press for action from the people. We believe that power of individuals can change the situation. We collect signatures and letters across the globe, and ask a government or related institutions to save individuals at risk. In 2015, letters from people improved situations in about half of cases because millions of voices by individuals brought tremendous pressure an authority.

The mission of AI Japan is to raise awareness about human rights issues all around the world as well as to disseminate issues in Japan to the world. In addition to promoting campaigns such as collecting signatures and letters in Japan, we make policy recommendations and have a dialog with private enterprises. We fight human rights abuses by making a difference in both people’s awareness and legal rules.

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