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At Kirkuk, in the northern part of Iraq, there is an intense conflict generated by differences in ethnic, sectarian and political positions. At JVC, we support workshops on peace and coexistence for children conducted by our local partner INSAN as a course to resolving this conflict.


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In today's world, there are many communities suffering from environment destruction and the instability of daily life caused by predatory development, and disasters. Additionally, many people suffer from preaches to their human rights due to conflict and structural poverty and discrimination.
JVC's basic mission is to support such societies, and people, and to work along with them to improve their current situation. We aim to spread sustainable ways living to reach the long-term stability.

We are conducting our activities eleven countries around the world as well as in Japan. Our activities include:
Regional development.
Humanitarian support and peace building.
Activities in disaster-affected areas in Japan
Activities to promote sustainable and fair policies

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