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Using Gochiso, 5% of your orders will be donated to this nonprofit!

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Project Description

All donations will be used for increasing options for Vegetarian in Japan.
For example:
We are approaching on cafeteria at University, company, and restaurants to have the vegetarian menu at least one.
We are making the vegetarian map to introduce restaurants where you can enjoy vegetarian menu to all.
We are operating web media which transmits vegetarian information called "Vege time".

Thank you for your cooperation!


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"Eating" which we are doing every day, is strongly related to ourselves and society.

For example,
・Global environment
(The amount of gas emission which came from the cattle industry is larger than the emitted amount from transportation such as cars and airplanes. Also, the primary reason causes breaking the forest of Amazon is an effect of the cattle industry as well as the pollution of waters and the land, etc. meat-eating is related various earth environments. )
・Treated of animals
The current meat diets are supported by factory farmed meat, please search for those who are interested!
・Food problem
For example, it is said that we need more than 10 times of crops, more water, and land to produce beef.
The crops itself goes to the people directly, more people can get the food than today.
Many research proved that the vegetarian meals are healthy than meat meal.

Our mission is that create a society where everyone can enjoy vegetarian and vegan food anywhere in the cafeteria at univerisy, company, restaurants and supermarket easily.
For the earth, animals, the others and ourselves.

Our activities
We support introducing vegetarian menu at the cafeteria of University, company, restaurants, local government, creating vege-maps, vege-certification, operating vege-information media, hosting events and lectures etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.