Minoh Patrol

1-1, Takimishi office, Onsen cho, Mino-city

Using Gochiso, 5% of your orders will be donated to this nonprofit!

SDGs Theme


Project Description

Donations will be used for activities to connect the young generation to Minoh's beautiful and abundant nature.

Specifically, we will use it for operating kids hiking, hiking events, and purchasing equipments for cleaning and consolidating the hiking trail.


Environment‎ and Conservation


Children‎, Education‎, Animal‎, Nature, Health

Website & Social

・Regularly clean hiking more than ten times per month
・Original hiking events to enjoy Minoh mountains, and kids hiking events
・"Minoh mountain big cleaning projects" with supporting companies and organizations (once a year, for 14 years).
・Activities to consolidate trail
・Activities to prevent illegal dumping
・Promote information about nature at Takimichi office

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