Asian Women's Empowerment Project

3-3-8, Kaiuncho, Nagata-ku, Kobe-city,

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Asian women's empowerment project operates consultation activities and spreads information for foreign women residents in Japan as domestic projects, as well as a fair-trade project aimed to create works for Asian women.

Donations will be used for these activities:
-Consultation activities
We provide telephone counseling service on living and Japanese laws for foreign women residents in Japan.

-Spreading information
We offer regularly emails called "Anshin Tsu-shin(Safety connections)"to foreign women residents which provide necessary information about their daily life in easy Japanese and English.


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Asian women's empowerment project is an organization which aims to empower Asian women.

We think that Empowerment is to get skills, to have a self-decision, to acquire an environment for that.

Asian women's empowerment project has been working since 1994, supporting Asian immigrant women can live how they want.

To establish their economic base in their home country, we supporting their jobs based on fair trade, to improve individual problems. Also, as a citizen living in Japan, a country in Asia, we are creating a relationship with Asian women in face to face, understanding their situation as our problems, and sending their situation as a message to Japanese society. In addition, we encounter the foreign woman who suffered by Hanshin-Awaji big earthquake, we have been offering life information and consultation.

However, there is still strongly existing violence and an underlying contempt for Asian women. Recently, there is the violence from international marriage's husbands, various exploitation from fake marriages and labor exploitation for technical intern students, in this way, the problem surrounding immigrant women are complicated, various, and serious.

Asian women's empowerment project aims to create the society where women in Asia have dignity in their own lives and can live actively without violence and exploitation.

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