Provide a Safety Swim Cap for a Child with Special Needs

NPO Pool Volunteer

Villa Shimamachi 2-4-3-902 Shinmachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture 540-0034

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Provide a Help Mark Swim Cap For a Child

Provide a swimming cap for children with special needs that require assistance in the pool.

Cost: One cap - ¥1,000

We work to expand knowledge of pool volunteers all over Japan so that children with special needs can enjoy aquatic activities in a safe environment. We also purchase special lightweight wheelchairs and poolside slipmats.




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How wonderful would it be for the disabled person and elderly to enjoy the pool just like everyone else. We do volunteer activities for so that everyone can enjoy "water" happily and safely.

We are a volunteer organization celebrating our 19th anniversaty that teaches swimming to children with disabilities so that they can enjoy sports.

For some children with disabilities, just entering the pool is a joy. Each volunteer who swims with a child is coaching swimming guidance and conducting rehabilitation on a one-on-one basis.

Some children cry at first, unable to even take a shower, but gradually get used to the water and are able to swim the crawl, backstroke and butterfly over time.

Using the whole body in the pool is therapeutic mentally and physically. We are trying to expand the circle of our activities so that all children with disabilities can fulfill their dream such as "I want to swim!" "I want to play in the pool!"

Thank you for your support.

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