Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Sales operator

Company name: Gochiso Inc.
Address: 1-12 Kakuta-cho Kita-ku, Osaka Prefecture 530-0017 Osaka Prefecture Hankyu Five Annex Building 11 F GVH # 5
Representative: Philip Nguyen


Business hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Excluding New Year's holiday, GW)


[email protected]



Service name



Price includes the meal fee of an event, tax inclusive.

Payment method and timing

1. Payment Method

Credit card (VISA · MasterCard) payment

2. Payment type

Credit card payment

On the screen for entering billing information, enter the necessary credit card information for payment, and confirm the purchase.

Item Delivery Time

The event participation reservation is completed by sending mail after confirmation of payment.

About returned goods / cancellation

Because of the nature of the product, return / cancellation of goods is not accepted, but only in the following case, we will accept returns / cancellation, when the orderer himself requests the operator (Gochiso Inc.) to return or cancel by the due date of the event reservation deadline and the operating company accepts this.

If you wish to return or cancel, please follow the instructions on the individual terms and conditions for participants and organizers on the help page.

In addition, in the following cases we will refund the tickets purchased, cancel and refund the entire ticket price, when the event is canceled due to the circumstances of the event organizer, and the event organizer performs the event cancellation procedure in a manner prescribed by the Company.