Expand your
customer base

Gochiso is an online marketplace for local shops and restaurants to sell mail order products directly to customers

No fixed costs

Only a 15% sales commission that includes settlement fees a donation to nonprofits.

Quick and Free
Bank Transfer

Every payment is sent directly to your bank at no extra charge in less than 14 days.

Easy Listing

It takes less than 10 minutes to fill in the request form. After receiving your information and meeting our selection standards, our member will contact you and list your store and products within 7 days.

Easy to Manage

You can manage on the web on mobile app. Add products, edit prices, description, delivery fees as you like. Communicate directly to customers.


Is there a minimum amount needed to receive the bank transfer?

Can a user order multiple items from my shop?

What is the refund policy?

Can I edit the shipping costs?

Is there a cancellation fee or contract period?

What is your member store criteria?

Our Supporters


Our Team

Philip Nguyen


Born in Vietnam and raised in Orange County, California from the age of 5, Philip graduated from UCLA and Kyoto University’s Graduate School of Agriculture. He joined the KOBE Startup Global Gateway Accelerator in 2015 to develop his idea for Gochiso. In November 2016, he founded Gochiso Inc.

Kina Jackson

Shop and User Support

Born and raised in Philadelphia, Kina graduated from Penn State University and moved to Osaka, Japan in 2002. She worked as a freelance translator and consultant for various clients in the restaurant, art, and tourism industry. She joined Gochiso in 2016 to integrate her interests in social change and community engagement with the food and drink industry.

Bevis Chan

Web Engineer

Born in Macau, China, Bevis left his hometown and studied at UC Davis. After graduating, he entered in graduate school at the Nara Institute of Science and Technology. While interested in startups, he participated in many entrepreneurship seminars and training programs for students during his five years in graduate school. After hearing Gochiso's vision from Philip, he became interested in social entrepreneurship and joined Gochiso in 2018 as a Web Developer.

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