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What is Gochiso?

Gochiso is a mobile app that connects consumers with local merchants. Consumers can order groceries online from their favorite local stores and have prepared for pick up or delivered to their doors. 5% of every order order is donated an NPO/NGO that the consumer chooses.

Why We Exist

We want to increase funding to for solving social and environmental issues while providing an easy way for anyone to participate in social contribution.

How It Works

Gochiso partners with local merchants to convert their marketing costs to social value and connect them to social conscious consumers. This creates a win-win-win relationship for merchants, NPO/NGOs, and consumers.

How it works


1. Find your favorite shops

2. Order and prepay

3. Pick up in store or have it delivered

No cost to join. No cost to use.


Service Fee

You keep 100% of the funds raised.


How and when will my organization receive the donations?

What is the application process like?

How does Gochiso profit?

What kind of organizations are you accepting?

Am I responsible for tax deductions?

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Join 131 nonprofit organizations and change the world through food.

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