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What is Gochiso?

Gochiso is a rewards platform that lets you earn up to 20% in points every time you dine out. Your points can can be used for dining at any partnered restaurant, or donated to any registered nonprofit organizations.

Why We Exist

We want to increase the amount of donations to help solve social issues and provide a way for people to donate that doesn’t cost any extra money than what they already spend. Through dining, people can take part in changing the world in the most delicious way.

How It Works

Gochiso partners with restaurants that give rewards to increase utilization and profit at certain times. This creates a win-win-win relationship for restaurants, NPO/NGOs, and users.

How to Donate Through Gochiso

1. Find restaurants offering rewards on Gochiso and the times the rewards are being offered

2. Check-in to the restaurant on Gochiso when arriving at the restaurant to confirm the time of arrival

3. Take a photo of the receipt and add it to your check-in record to confirm your dining expense.

4. After confirmation you will receive points which can be donated to your organization!

Donations Per Month


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Possible Donation Per Donor through Gochiso

No cost to join. No cost to use.


Service Fee

You keep 100% of the funds raised.


How and when will my organization receive the donations?

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