Accelerate giving and maximize human well-being


A thriving, resilient, and compassionate society


“Gochiso” comes from the Japanese word “Gochisousama” which is said after a meal to express gratitude. Gochisousama, written as ご馳走さま in Japanese, has two characters, “馳” (Chi) and “走” (So) which both mean “running around” or “making effort.” In the past, people gathered ingredients such as by hunting and harvesting using horses, in order to provide food to others. The word “Gochisousama” was used to give thanks and show gratitude to those people, the food, and the efforts that went into providing the meal.

The idea at the core of our company is gratitude.

Impact Metric

We measure our impact by the number of "acts of giving" via our platform.

We will accelerate giving in order to maximize human well-being and realize a thriving, resilient, and compassionate society.

Company Profile

Name Gochiso
Representative Philip Nguyen
Director Kina Jackson
Established 2016-11-24
Capital 11,250,000 JPY
Email [email protected]