Changing the world is delicious.

About Gochiso

“Gochiso” comes from the Japanese word “Gochisousama” which is said after a meal to express gratitude and give thanks to the people, the food, and the efforts put into the meal to nourish you. Gochiso is a giving platform and lets you earn rewards and give back to society by dining out.

How It Works

On Gochiso, you are rewarded with Gochiso Points when you dine out, which you can apply as cash (1P = ¥1) for prepaid restaurant reservations on the service or give as donations to local organizations working to solve various social and environmental issues.

Changing the world is free.

Gochiso enables you to change the world in a way that doesn't require any extra cost than what you would already spend. By reducing the barrier to give, more people can start giving through daily activities and be a part of making a better world.


Gochiso achieves its mission when you give. When you dine out, you start a cycle of giving, resulting in a better society for you and everyone. In addition, we receive 10% from restaurants to maintain and develop our yield management system for restaurants, passive fundraising system for nonprofits, and giving platform for you.

How to Earn Gochiso Points


By checking in at a Gochiso restaurant

1. When you are at the restaurant, visit the restaurant page on to see the reward and check-in to claim the reward

2. After your meal, upload your receipt to your check-in record

3. When your receipt is confirmed, you will receive your points


By making online prepaid reservations on Gochiso

1. Find restaurants on

2. Reserve and prepay to complete the reservation

3. You will receive your points immediately after the payment

*Multiple people can prepay for one reservation and everyone can receive points!

How to Use Gochiso Points


Use Gochiso Points for Donations

1. Visit an NPO Page that you want to support

2. Click on "Donate Points"

3. Enter in the amount and your points will be donated


Use Gochiso Points for Online Prepaid Reservations

1. Make a new prepaid reservation from the restaurant page

2. At the payment screen, click on apply points

3. Finalize your payments and you will see that your points have been applied


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Changing the world is necessary.

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