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About Us

Gochiso is a online platform that helps you discover local restaurants and support social and environmental projects when dining out.


"I want to make a positive change to society, but I don't have time."

With all the social and environmental problems today, we know that we should take action to make a difference. However, our lives are so busy that it is difficult to make a change. Reading more about the issues can become frustrating as we don't have time to help, but ignoring their importance can make the matters worse.

Gochiso's platform was born as a sustainable and practical way to help solve social problems and to combat climate change.

Gochiso users can donate 10-20% of their bill to credible social and environmental initiatives when they dine out with friends, co-workers, or partners.

The restaurants on Gochiso, consisting of primarily independent restaurant owners and/or chefs, are taking effort to make a positive change to society through their food. By offering donations to social and environmental initiatives with every meal, they can promote their businesses and increase traffic to their restaurants in a way that also benefits society.


Business owners and consumers are joining this movement to build a resilient and sustainable future for all.

Gochiso wants to be the platform for you to take part in helping others and the environment in your everyday life. Let's create a better society and environment with every meal.

How it works


1. Reserve or Check-in through Gochiso

2. Take a photo of your receipt to confirm your amount of points

3. The restaurant will donate 10-20% of the bill to a project you select

Achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals

Projects you can support by dining out are working towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), addressing the global challenges we face today in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Click on the specific SDG below to learn more about it and to find projects that are related.


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