Earn rewards and change the world in the most fun and delicious way


Find and
reserve restaurants

Reserve delicious set meals and courses from selected restaurants.


Prepay for meals
and earn points

Prepay online and share your reservation page with friends to collect payment.

Use points as cash
or to donate

Use points for future reservations as cash or to donate to a social cause you want to support.

Good for dates!

“I want to reserve a special meal for two, and I want to save money for future dinners.”

Find special set meals on Gochiso. When you reserve, our restaurant partners will give you points as a thank you. For example, a 5000 yen course dinner for two with 20% in rewards, gives you 2000 points. (Equivalent of 2000 yen)

Show your reservation when arriving at the restaurant. Skip waiting and skip paying at the end of the dinner. Just enjoy your date!

Use your points next time at any restaurant on Gochiso. Just select to pay with Gochiso points.

Good for friends and coworkers!

“I want to easily organize a dinner for 8 people at a nice place!”

Gochiso restaurants are great for groups. Find set meals that everyone will enjoy, including courses with all-you-can-drink! You can create and send your reservation page to friends to have them pay in advance to join.

With a 4000 yen course with 15% in rewards, pay for 8 people and get 4800 points or send send the reservation to your friends. Anyone who pays for their course will earn 600 points each.

Because everyone has prepaid, you don’t have to worry about cancellations or splitting payments at the end of the dinner!

Good for society!

“I want to make a positive impact on society.”

You can easily donate to one or many nonprofit causes that you care about and help make society better, from education to health to environment and international development. Just from a 4000 yen dinner with 20% in rewards, you can earn and donate 800 points (equal to 800 yen) that can go to providing 40 meals for children in a developing country or 5 bento boxes for the homeless in Japan.


You can now contribute to society without spending any extra money. There’s no added cost to the meals, and donations to some nonprofit organizations are tax deductible.


What’s your cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy varies depending on restaurants, but is typically 48 hours before your reservation.

Is there an expiration period for Gochiso Points?

Points expired after 90 days of account inactivity or upon account termination.

Is it possible to order extra items at the restaurant?

Extra orders at the restaurant are possible, however, you would need to pay for those items at the counter, and you will not be able to receive points for those purchases.

Are there other ways to pay besides by credit card?

Unfortunately we currently only accept payment by credit card or by Gochiso Points.

Are Gochiso Points used only for donation?

No, you can apply it towards reservations as well.

Is there an extra charge to donate?

No, 100% of your donations go to the non-profit. Gochiso absorbs all payment processing fees involved with your donation.

Can I choose where to donate?

Yes, you can choose to which organization to donate and the various social issues that they’re working to solve.

Are the non-profit partners credible?

Yes, when organizations apply, they go through our selection process to verify their credibility.

What are the benefits for restaurants?

About 200 billion yen is lost every year due to reservations online or over the phone that result in no shows. Gochiso helps restaurants with prepaid online reservations. In addition, Gochiso helps restaurants get more customers to fill in tables at off peak times in a way that increases their profits and helps society, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Earn rewards and change the world in a fun and delicious way.

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